Top Deals – Summer 2016

The Southern Auto Corridor’s 10 Largest New and Expanded Manufacturing and Selected Non-Manufacturing Job Announcements

Announcements made in the Summer 2016 Quarter

1. Sentury Tire600$500NLaGrange, Ga.Tires
2. Denso500$400EMaryville, Tenn.Auto Parts
3. Lear Operations500N/AEVance, Ala.Auto Parts
4. Bridgestone450N/AENashville, Tenn.Tires
5. Honda250$45EFlorence Co., S.C.ATVs
6. Gerhardi235$38NMontgomery, Ala.Auto Parts
7. Eissmann200$14EPell City, Ala.Auto Parts
8. Chattanooga Seating190$5EHamilton Co. Tenn. Auto Parts
9. Tenneco175N/ANSpring Hill, Tenn.Auto Parts
10. Eurotranciature170$13EParis, Tenn.Auto Parts

($Inv. = Investment in millions – N=New; E=Expansion; R=Relocation)



Author: Michael Randle