Top Deals – Winter 2017

The Southern Auto Corridor’s 10 Largest New and Expanded Manufacturing and Selected Non-Manufacturing Job Announcements

Announcements made in the Winter 2017 Quarter

1. General Motors1,300$35EArlington, TexasAuto Financing
2. Magna International480$29NSpartanburg Co., S.C.Auto Parts
3. Glovis America 400N/ANShreveport, La.Parts Distribution
4. GKN Driveline302$179EFour locations in N.C.Auto Parts
5. Huhoco Group200$24NBartow Co., Ga.Auto Parts
6. LKQ Corp.150N/AENashville, Tenn.Parts Distribution
7. Sundaram-Clayton130$50NDorchester Co., S.C.Auto Parts
8. Kayser Automotive100$26EFulton, Ky.Auto Parts
9. Kaco USA100$8ELincolnton, N.C.Sealants
10. Evonik55$120NBerkeley Co., S.C.Tire Chemicals

($Inv. = Investment in millions – N=New; E=Expansion; R=Relocation)



May 2017

May 2017

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Industrial robot purchases in the U.S. will rise by 300 percent in nine years

The number of robots used in the manufacturing process will jump by nearly 300 percent in less than a decade according to ABI Research. In 2016, 40 percent more robots were sold last year compared to 2013 says the Robotic Industries Association. And, according to the National Economic Research Bureau, for every new industrial robot sold and installed into the workforce, six jobs on average were eliminated. Last year, the U.S. automotive industry accounted for 70 percent of all robots sold in North America. According to Forrester Research’s Future of Jobs report released in April, automation and robotics will displace 24.7 million jobs by 2027. At the same time, however, the new technology will create 15 million jobs, leading to a net loss of almost 10 million jobs.

More manufacturing jobs reshored in 2016 than offshored

According to the Reshoring Initiative, for the first time in decades, more manufacturing jobs reshored to the U.S. than offshored in calendar year 2016. Last year, 77,000 manufacturing jobs (tying the 2014 record) reshored and 50,000 offshored, giving the U.S. a net gain of 27,000 jobs. On average from 2000 to 2006, about 220,000 jobs offshored each year. That has now dropped to about 50,000 and that total continues to drop. According to the Initiative, the South remains the top region for reshoring and foreign direct investment with the Midwest coming in second. Since 2010, more than 338,000 manufacturing jobs have reshored back to the U.S.