Top Automotive Deals in the South – Spring 2021

The Southern Auto Corridor’s 10 Largest New and Expanded Manufacturing and Selected Non-Manufacturing Job Announcements

Announcements Made in the Spring 2021 Quarter

1. Mullen Technologies400$336NMemphis, Tenn.Electric vehicles
2. Magna Mirrors300$31NDuncan, S.C.Auto parts
3. Duckyang285$10NJackson Co., Ga.EV parts
4. Eberspaecher214N/ANLouisville, Ky.Auto parts
5. Hyundai TRANSYS150$9EWestpoint, Ga.Auto parts
6. Volkswagen150N/AEChattanooga, Tenn.Auto assembly
7. Stratus Plastics135N/AEMorgantown, Ky.Auto parts
8. STS Group120$39NWythe Co., Ky.Auto parts
9. Toyota100$210EBuffalo, W.Va.Engines
10. Metalsa97N/AEHopkinsville, Ky.Chassis

($Inv. = Investment in millions – N=New; E=Expansion; R=Relocation)



Author: Stacy Randle