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Find a Foothold in the Southern Automotive Corridor

We know why you're here. You've logged onto because you seek opportunity. You have discovered and thus realize that the American South is the fastest-growing automotive region in North America. And it's getting bigger every day. Here are some examples of how big the Southern Auto Corridor is getting:

  1. In years' 2001, 2002 and 2003, there were 21 OEM expansions and four new OEM announcements made in the South. During that same period, there were only 10 OEM expansions announced in the rest of the country, including the Midwestern Auto Corridor, and no new OEM announcements.
  2. In calendar year 2003, 85 significant (100 jobs or more) automotive deals were announced in the South, breaking the single industry record for deals announced in the region in any year since 1992 by more than 40 deals.
  3. Six of the seven new OEM car and light truck assembly plants announced in the United States in the last 10 years were built or are being built in the Southern Automotive Corridor.
  4. In 2008, five of the top 10 automaking states were located in the Southern Auto Corridor. Those are Kentucky (No. 3), Missouri (4), Alabama (5), Tennessee (8) and Texas (9).
  5. Next generation automotive assembly began in earnest in the South in 2009 as Nissan, V-Vehicle and Hybrid Kinetic Motors announced major projects in the region.

So what's driving the Southern Auto Corridor? Well, what are driving the suppliers are the OEMs. What's driving the OEMs? Operating costs, incredibly talented and hard working labor and the fact that the American South is home to the majority of the nation's right to work states. Both suppliers and OEMs have discovered that the South offers the highest level of profitability of any region in the U.S. That's why many of the world's automakers build their best-selling cars, trucks and vans right here in the South today.

The future of the Southern Auto Corridor is the motivation behind the investment we have made in We believe we are just now experiencing the beginning of a long and profitable partnership with the world's automotive industry. Yes, many more OEMs will announce in the South in the near and far future. And their suppliers will continue to flock to the region.

So, how do you begin finding a foothold in the Southern Auto Corridor for your operation? There is no better place to start than right here at and Southern Business & Development magazine ( We know the South best. For more than 17 years we have published Southern Business & Development magazine, the only publication in existence focusing on site selection for companies wanting to establish a foothold in the South. Because of that, we know where the best sites are in the Southern Automotive Corridor for the automotive industry.

So go ahead and get in touch will us. Simply click the button in the top right hand corner of the main page that reads "Click for Free Info on Automotive Sites in the South," fill out the form and you will be introduced to real professionals who can assist you in finding a foothold in the Southern Auto Corridor. Even if you can't make the move yet, you'll at least receive some great free data and pictures from automotive paradise. And that folks is the Southern Auto Corridor.

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